Gabriel attended his first Yoga class at Back Bay Yoga with Lynne Bergier and was inspired by this profound and transformative experience. Diving deep into the practice and study of Yoga and Meditation Gabriel found himself researching Mysticism, Transpersonal Psychology, Energetic & Western Anatomy, Eastern Philosophy and other subjects that resonate with movement towards wholeness.
     After completing a 200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training program, Gabriel continued studying with David Vendetti in his 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Development Program "The Body Awakening". Gabriel's classes are inspired by several beautiful styles of Yoga, namely; Forrest, Yin/Taoist, Vinyasa and Restorative. He has practiced and studied with many teachers including David Vendetti, Caroline Harvey, Joshua Summers, Lynne Begier, Ana Forrest, and Pamela Wilson. Ultimately, regardless of the name it is called or by whom it is taught, Yoga teaches us to step outside of our daily routine and mental conditioning to re-discover our underlying, ever-present centered state of intense serenity.
     Off the yoga mat, Gabriel offers Deep Tissue and Structural Bodywork. He also works for The International Research Institute of Paper History and Technology as a Technical & Administrative Assistant.

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