Depending on your unique needs, Bodywork sessions may include any one or several of the the following techniques:

Potential benefits of receiving Bodywork

  • Relieve pain and stress

  • Speed recovery from injuries

  • Release poor postural habits

  • Engage the relaxation response

  • Increase flexibility & range of motion

  • Ease mental, emotional and physical tension

Bodywork session information

  • Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes in length.

  • Bodywork is strictly therapeutic and non-sexual.

  • If possible, refrain from eating two hours before sessions.

  • Do not consume any alcohol or drugs prior to receiving bodywork.

  • Please stay hydrated before and after sessions as this will aid in the flushing of toxins released from the body.

  • Allow yourself time to integrate Bodywork by not engaging in mentally or physically intensive tasks immediately after sessions.

  • Be aware of any conditions that may contraindicate Bodywork.

  • Please contact Gabriel to schedule Bodywork sessions.

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