Gabriel offers a dynamic flow between postures, breath, and meditation infused with music, movement and insight. His classes are inviting yet challenging to beginning and seasoned practitioners alike. Inspired by the strength of Forrest, the fluidity of Vinyasa, the introspection of Yin and the healing of Restorative practices, Gabriel actively creates a safe space for growth and transformation.
     Being a path towards wholeness, Yoga integrates mind, body and essence. Practice begins with your physical body in its present condition; there is no need to be flexible, strong or meditative. Without judgments, enhancement begins when and where it needs to, which is right here and right now.  Gently working to strengthen the body and harmonize the mind, we create space within ourselves for profoundly fresh experiences to unfold as we reawaken to our natural state of bliss.

     In a private Yoga session, your individual needs are addressed with care and compassion. Sessions may include Yoga postures, hands-on adjustments, Pranayam or breathing exercises and meditation. Some students may have a regular private practice while others may take an occasional private session to deepen their personal or group practice. A private Yoga session is ideal for both new students of Yoga and practitioners looking to enhance and refine their current practice. In-home sessions are 60 to 90 minutes long. If you are interested in scheduling a private Yoga or Bodywork session, please contact Gabriel.

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